Grief Movement

Do you want to know what I think is brave?

Bravery is standing in front of a person who’s life has a giant-soul-sucking-void-of-a-hole in the midst of it and pushing aside your own ego based fear and staying still.

It’s listening to someone who is hurting without painting them with a rainbow coloured Tony Robbins brush.

It’s allowing grief to be. It’s hearing of pain that you most likely can’t comprehend and not running.

Grief makes you feel uncomfortable, yes! It makes me fucking uncomfortable too. But being brave is looking it straight in the face and saying- “I’m here”.

If I can sit with grief while my brain is mashed potato, my heart is broken and I’m shaking with fear…

Then you can too!

One thought on “Grief Movement

  1. Aunts Maureen says:

    Heather you are being the best daughter,friend,councillor,the best support person anyone could ever wish for. If I can be there for you please let me be there.❤️

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